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Multi-Camera Production Packages


Consistent Pricing for Growth

We provide consistent pricing to deliver reactive quotes to new opportunities.


The Latest Production Equipment

We're constantly building and developing our production facilities, ensuring we're at the cutting edge.


Great Technical Teams

We pride ourselves on our ability to build great, client friendly technical teams with the ability to deliver when it matter.

Broadcast Cameras

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PTZ & Hotheads

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Cinematic Cameras

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Clear Pricing

Our Multi-Camera Rate Card

Katie Frost, from Brightfive.

"Working with Tell is a really collaborative experience. I know I’ll get informed answers to my clients questions and requests. The team is always approachable, friendly, professional, and keen to do the best possible job for me and my clients."

Sarah Driver, Yorkshire.

“I highly recommend Tell for their excellent technical facilities and competent, professional team. Their attention to detail and expertise were evident throughout the project. ”

Working with an Experienced Team

York Office (+44) 01904 217 605

WhatsApp (+44) 07824 998 793

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