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Project Management: Top 3 Considerations When Planning a Live Streamed Event

Planning a live-streamed event requires careful management of various aspects to ensure a successful outcome. Here are the top 3 areas of project management we consider when planning a live-streamed event:

1. Technical Infrastructure

The technical infrastructure is crucial for a live-streamed event. We ensure that we can provide a reliable internet connection, suitable hardware and software, and a team to manage the technical aspects during the event.

2. Event Logistics

Event logistics include everything from the venue, lighting, sound, and camera setup to the number of crew members required to manage the event. Tell create a detailed plan and schedule for each event to ensure all aspects are covered.

3. Crewing

Crewing is an essential part of managing a live streamed event. It includes hiring crew members such as camera operators, and specialist Vmix operators. The size of the crew will depend on the scale of the event and the complexity of the setup.

By carefully managing these areas of project management, we can ensure a successful live-streamed event for you and your viewers.

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