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Online Event Facilities

We support production teams with proffesional production facilities for Virtual Events.

Built to deliver events to a global audience.

Our virtual event facilities offer a comprehensive and integrated solution for event production teams to run their virtual events. The dedicated technical facilities provide a range of resources and support to help ensure the smooth operation of virtual events.

Our facilities are supported by our in-house engineering and networking team, providing your event with a stable and secure technology infrastructure. We provide redundant power and networking solutions to ensure your event always stays online.

Ensuring a proffesional enviroment

Our Virtual Event galleries are designed to provide the production team with the broadcast facilities they need to succesfully deliver complex virtual events to viewers around the World.

Options for Smaller Events

Our Virtual Event Pods are designed specifically to run smaller virtual events and remote productions. Offering our clients with a cost-effective proffesional solution to help them produce more.

Working Together

We are always keen to work on new events with good people. We're able to provide scalable solutions that ensure we can handle events of varying sizes and complexity, while keeping costs under control.

To get more information regarding our services or to discuss your virtual event requirements, please email us or book a meeting for a short consultation.

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