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Flyaway Kits

We provide production teams working overseas with the production facilities to get things done.

Our expertise

We help you get the right audio and visual equipment to where it needs to be, with the technical team to consistently deliver. Our team has pocesses extensive experience delivering large scale events around the world and understands the complexities of working in foreign enviroments.

Our flyaway production units are built to equip to handle the unique and unpredictable demands that events often bring. Before your event, we work alongside you to provide the functionality you need while accommodating for any unforeseen challenges.

A support team

Our flyaway production units are maintained and constantly innovated by our in-house engineering team. Prior and Post each event each piece of equipment is inspected and tested ensuring your production is delivered to a high standard.

Avaliable Worldwide

Alongside our logistics partners we are able provide you and your production teams with global coverage. Our team has worked extensively across Europe, Asia and Africa. Delivering both equipment and the technical teams to events of regional importance.

Your Requirements

We understand the unique requirements that each production has, therefore it is essential to ensure our production units are built capable of matching your expectations. For each project we assign a technical project manager to ensure your project is proffesionally delivered.

To discuss an event or for more information please send us an email or arrange a consultantion.

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