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Managed Services

We provide regular crew to support your ongoing businesses needs.

Working alongside you to provide consistency

We provide highly skilled technical personnel to assist with producing reoccuring high-quality broadcasts and events. We aim to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for companies to manage their ongoing crewing needs.

All of the technical talent we work with are interviewed, vetted and are systematically organised by our production management team. This guarantees that we provide you with the appropriately trained individual for the job, minimising risk and contributing to the production success.

A dedicated point of contact

Our managed crewing service provides a personal account manager who will work in partnership with both our production management team and your production team to ensure a trustworthy, dependable service.

Technical Specialists

We have a large, organised network of technical specialists in departments such as camera, lighting and sound. This ensures we can consistently provide a reliable and flexible service to support your business grow.

Working Together

Our managed crewing services are currently serving a number of facilities and production companies, ensuring their continuous access to the necessary talent.

To learn more about our services or to talk about your technical personnel needs, please contact us via email or schedule a brief consultation meeting.

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